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Course Code:
QR Registration No.:20/000467/L2
Registration Validity Period: 01/07/2020 To 30/06/2027

* This course has been included in the list of reimbursable courses under the Continuing Education Fund.
* This course (Certificate in Western Bakery and Pastry) is recognised under the Qualifications Framework (QF Level 2)
Course Name
Certificate in Western Bakery and Pastry
  (1) Course introduction, work safety rules for bakery kitchen, introduction to bakery kitchen tools (3 hrs)
(2) Western baking history and culture, food hygiene, recipe introduction, baking ingredients introduction (3 hrs)
(3) Bread making: ham bread and cheese bread (3hrs)
(4) Bread making: Ukrainian garlic bread and butter roll (3hrs)
(5) Bread making: Swiss farmer bread and Italian vanilla bread + Practical Test 1 (3hrs)
(6) Cake making: Sponge cake and chiffon cake (3hrs)
(7) Cake making: Carrot cake and banana cake (3hrs)
(8) Cake making: Walnut butter cake and orange chiffon cake (3hrs)
(9) Cookies making: Vanilla honey cookies and chocolate cookies (3hrs)
(10) Cookies making: Lemon butter cookies and Italian nut cookies + Practical Test 2 (3hrs)
(11) Exam (Written + Practical) (2hrs)
Total 11 lessons (32hrs)

1. Practical Test (30%)
* Practical Test 1 (15%)
* Practical Test 2 (15%)

2. Exam (70%)
* Theory (20%)
* Practical Exam (50%)
Programme Duration:
  2024/09/09 - 2024/11/25 (Every MON)
(09/09, 09/16, 09/23,
10/07, 10/14, 10/21, 10/28,
11/04, 11/11, 11/18, 11/25)

Time: 7:00-10:00pm (Last lesson: 7:00-9:00pm)
Teaching Mode:
(1st installment: $4,206 ; 2nd installment: $4,207;
3rd installment: $4,207)

Students MUST pay the 1st instalment fee in order to secure the place.

Wearing school chef uniform provided by school is neccessary for all lessons. Uniform deposit is $380.
Include the following: Uniform($300); Apron($50) and Towel ($30)
In case of any loss or damage, the cost of such deposit will be deducted.

* Important Notice:
Students apply this course MUST use the SPECIFIED Payment Method to pay the course fees.
Using method outside the specified will cause full refund(after subtracting $200 handling fees), and delay the progress of CEF reimbursement of fees.

Entry Requirements:
  Completion of Secondary 3 or equivalent; AND At least 18 years of age.
Aim & Objectives:
  This course aims to teach students the knowledge and skills of Western baking and pastry making to equip them to enter the baking and pastry industry.
Award & Assessment:
  i) Achieve 75% attendance or above in the programme; AND
ii) Achieve overall marks 50% or above for all assessments, including both the continuous and final assessments.

Students will be notified within three months after the completion of the course, to collect the certificate.
Financial Assistance:
  This course is eligible for Continuing Education Fund(CEF)
You can fill in the CEF application form here.
Application Form:
Apply Online

Important Notes:
1) This course is non-transferable and non-refundable
2) The ingredients may change subject to seasonal factors
3) If any student is found in acts of vandalism or misuse of equipment and utensils, he/she shall be liable to compensate the School for any losses incurred.
4) No photo-taking or video recording is allowed during lessons without prior written approval from the School.
5) Students should always wear face masks during lesson or in school premises.

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