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Job Posting for Wood Supply Manager

In order to provide a continuing professional development, PSCE would like to introduce a new Programme called as Forest Wood Programme for Food Production from wood. In view of this, we are currently recruiting for the position of a Wood Supply Manager with below mentioned qualifications:
Primary duties will include:
  • Develop an instructional plan (known as a course outline or syllabus) for the Forest Wood Programme for Food Production from wood and ensure that it meets PSCE standards.
  • Sourcing, categorizing and introducing to students the use of wood to smoke salmon, pork and other meats, as well as vegetables.
  • Plan lessons and assignments.
  • Work with colleagues to develop or modify the curriculum for a certificate program.
  • Assess students’ progress by grading papers, tests, and other work.
  • Stay informed about changes and innovations in their field.
  • Conduct research and experiments to advance knowledge in their field
  • Support individual’s character, choices, strengths, interests and needs.
  • Ensures the safety, health and well-being of individuals.
  • Must be a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Forestry.
  • Preferably, but not required, passed the professional / licensure examination for Foresters.
  • Must have 7 years professional experience in the field of Forestry.
  • Competent with MS Office Applications and must adapt to the School's database / software.
  • Have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, motivated and has the ability to organize and direct projects and personnel.
Apply Today:
If you meet the above mentioned qualifications, who will enjoy a highly challenging career, please forward your resume to below contact details:
Penasia School of Continuing Education
1/F, Block C, Cho Yiu Centre, Cho Yiu Chuen, No.6 King Cho Road, Kwai Chung, HK.
Monday – Friday (0900 – 1900), Saturday (0900 – 1600), Sunday & public holidays (closed)
Tel: 2529 6138       Fax: 2529 6311

葵涌荔景敬祖路6號 祖堯坊C座1樓全層
星期一 至 星期五 (0900 – 1900) 星期六 (0900 – 1600) 星期日及公眾假期 (休息)
電話: 2529 6138       傳真: 2529 6311